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Karel van Laere

In the past two years Karel van Laere has explored the boundaries of surrendering and giving up control. A motionless body fastened for 24 hours in Paralysis, a body slid statically across landscapes in the works Slow and Largo, and in a state of hypnosis, entrusted to the hands of choreographers in The Non Present Performer.

Given the slow and controlled nature of Karel’s former works, it was high speed and letting go of control which became the starting point for making the project LOS.

During the performance Karel’s body is manipulated externally, exploring the loss of control in space. Imperturbable he surrenders for three hours to four machines controlled by choreographer Aitana Cordero. Together they went looking for physical borders, experiment, and made Karel the subject of this research/performance LOS.

Performed and conceived Karel van Laere
Choreography Aitana Cordero Vico
Coaching Chaja Hertog, Nir Nadler, Marcel Roijaards
Camera Mink Pinster & Rick Komaromi
Technique TopRek & Het Nationale Theater
Pictures by Maurice Mikkers
Made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten
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