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BarTalk #12: Coded Gestures

BARTALK is a free interdisciplinary lecture-performance series taking place in different bars in The Hague.

BARTALK #12 is all about decoding gestures: deconstructing the detection of danger in martial arts, playing with coded emotions, exploring the edges of representation in music, and magnifying masculine performativity.

Featuring presentations by:
Marcela Torres
Jonathan Reus
Thorn Vineyard
Ruben van de Ven

Marcela Torres is a social strategist whose work pairs alternative learning methods with martial arts–using this as a formal language–for the audience to witness a true representation of identity. Marcela is invested in depictions of identity that are sticky, hard to watch, have a price of entry, are a risk, have effects that hurt and ecstasies to be revealed. These messier configurations allow for complex and transcendent views on race, gender, ableism, and socio-economics in the United States.

Thorn Vineyard (the alter ego of Roos de Vries) is a drag artist who uses the idea of masculinity and the masculine form in his performance. Thorn keeps Roos on their toes when thinking about gender expression and gendered dynamics. When Thorn is not around, Roos is an Amsterdam based video/editor and filmmaker. Thorn is a proud member of the House of Vineyard.

Jonathan Reus is a Dutch-American sound artist and art-technology researcher working through expanded forms of musicmaking, instrumentations, tools and mathematical representations as artistic forms. His practice is cross-disciplinary and research-based, involving open and iterative processes of collaboration with researchers from across the arts, sciences and humanities. His work is generally inspired by a fascination with the immanent poetics of mathematical-logistical structures, and an interest in lived practices that confront the representational capacities of these structures.

Combining his backgrounds in filmmaking and programming, Ruben van de Ven challenges alleged objective practices. He is intrigued by the intersection of highly cognitive practices and ambiguous experiences. In his recent works he investigates computational quantification of emotions.


Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates!
BARTALK #12 is made possible with the generous support of The Hang-Out 070 and Zaal 3


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